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Digital Marketing


A fresh graduate can easily obtain a role with a salary close to 25K per month to 6 Lacs per annum.
Experienced professionals can command remunerations in the range of 20 lakhs 75 per annum.
20-25% of the jobs listed are in the Digital Marketing realm.
Become an In-Demand Professional.
There's 150,000 digital jobs predicted by 2020and not enough digital professionals to fill them.
According to Mondo demand for digital marketing professionals will rise by 38% this year. It's time you took advantage.
Benefit from More Career Choice.
Get Paid More Than Your Peers.

what it is

As the name suggests, Digital Marketing is the way to promote products and services over the internet using various mediums and forms of electronic devices. Some of the prominent devices are social media like as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, mobile phones, e-mail, etc. This type of marketing is often referred as the internet marketing, web marketing or online marketing. This style of promotion activity is making advertisement agency more dependent on the digital technology and divide market segments to target the required customer groups. For this, proper marketing research, web analytics research content management and various other factors are considered.

Although this concept is highly growing and accepted among the marketers, still it is undefined and requires special attention from everyone who is involved in any form of advertisement. So far we think that Digital Marketing involves only search engine optimisation (SEO), banner advertising and pay per click. Still, we are far from it, as this is a narrow definition. Digital Marketing also includes fax broadcast, RSS, e-mail, voice broadcast, blogging, video streams, podcasting, wireless text messaging and instant messaging. Digital Marketing has emerged as the wider scope and is providing an opportunity for everyone whether students, professionals or advertising agencies.

Clearing the concept, Digital Marketing does not include marketing through TV, radio, print and billboard as they are the different mediums and does not include instant report and feedback. The entire process includes visibility, bringing targeted traffic, engagement, lead generation, measurement and retention. This entire process concentrates on promotion, advertising, creating utility, branding and value proposition, etc. This form of advertising mainly uses laptops, palmtops, tablets, mobile phones, etc.

Why Digital Marketing?

This is the most effective way of marketing where analytics engine is layered within the Digital Marketing campaigns and real monitoring and analysing of the performance can be handled. It is easy to understand factors like how long, how often, the advertisements are viewed by the targeted customers. Advertise can also get complete detail on the purchases and response rate made to particular product and service. Here are some of the major facts about the Digital Marketing.

  1. 1. Digital Marketing in the modern competitive world allows companies to market their services and products to the online customers. It is easy to provide 24*7 hours support service so that customers can feel valued and supported

  2. 2. With the use of social media in Digital Marketing, it is easy to get both positive and negative feedbacks instantly directly from the customers without any filter. This help marketing agency to determine the suitable media for the customers for different products and services

  3. 3. Digital Marketing provides various advantages to the business by promoting the brand across the globe with low advertisement cost. Customers get complete freedom to post their experience, feedback and suggestions using social media, websites and blogs.

With this, the demand and popularity of Digital Marketing is increasing among the marketing agencies. Even agencies that have already invested a huge amount on other traditional channels have started shifting to this effective and economical marketing campaign.

Understanding the Module


Digital marketing overview refers to the functioning of all the digital analyses techniques like advertising, branding, promotion, content proportion etc. taking place together on a digital device.


We focus on the following major elements: 1. Content Visibility 2. Targeting Traffic 3. Interaction of the audience 4. Proportion of lead generation 5. Measurement (Analysis) 6. Retention


This is the first module associated with the course, it brings an abstract understanding of the various important digital marketing elements, thereby enabling the candidate to have an idea.

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Digital Marketing Overview Training Process


Understanding The Digital

The digital network is not only a tool on the internet, but has various intricate aspects that the candidate requires.


Understanding The Term
Digital Marketing

Prior from getting into a detailed course, this step enlightens the candidate about the actual purview


Understanding The Term
Digital Marketing

Learning About The 6 Major ElementsDigital Marketing as a course can only be understood with a structured understanding of the major sub modules.


Advantages Of Digital Marketing

This module also elaborates extensively upon why Digital Marketing is the new formula to achieve major success.

After Learning Training Process


The individual will be aware about the basics of digital marketing, through this, one can approach the further modules with a strong base of knowledge


After learning about the digital marketing overview, a student of digital marketing can execute a structure or plan towards internet marketing.


Once this basic understanding of the functioning protocol is known to the student, he/she can provoke the execution of the plans to target the digital world.


Digital Marketing Overview serves the purpose to understand the link between the various digital media techniques or modules.

Digital Marketing Course Modules

Best Digital Marketing Course where you get in-depth knowledge of all 17 modules of digital marketing with practical hands-on exposure.

Digital Marketing Overview

The 'Prologue to Digital Marketing' is a perfect course bundle for people who need to comprehend.

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Grow your Career With Sapience

Let's find out how digital marketing course wil propel your career/business


For entrepreneurs, Delhi Institute of Digital Marketing has come up with the personalised Digital marketing program. This program ensures that entrepreneur gets equipped with most effective marketing tools that help them to operate their own show.

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Digital marketing in recent years has experienced drastic change and has emerged as the life line of every individual company. No matter whether the company is small, medium or large, digital marketing is required to stay in the market and increase the sale

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Working Professional

For entrepreneurs, Delhi Institute of Digital Marketing has come up with the personalised Digital marketing program. This program ensures that entrepreneur gets equipped with most effective marketing tools that help them to operate their own show.

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